IBIS Reference

IBIS Forms and Transactions


Add Purchasing Card Authorization

  • Use to initially request a card for an individual
  • Requires approval process


Update Purchasing Card Authorization

  • Use to suspend, cancel, or update a card
  • Requires approval process


Reconcile Purchasing Card Charges

  • Used to reconcile charge using support form and receipt to transaction from PNC Bank
  • Distributes charge to appropriate account(s) and object code(s)
  • Transaction, not a form


Review Posted Not Reconciled

  • After 30 days, transactions are automatically posted to default account and object 365
  • FO uses this function to reconcile transaction and post to correct account


Update PC Purpose and Description

  • Used by FOs to revise purpose and description, if necessary


Browse Purchasing Card Charges

  • Browse to view purchasing card charges (RPCC format)
  • Various selection criteria available, including status, date


Browse Purchasing Card Holders

  • Transaction used to view cardholders for unit/area, including current card limits and status


Browse Your Purchasing Card Charges

  • For use by cardholders to browse transactions on their personal purchasing card


Inquiry Purchasing Card Charges

  • Same function as BPCC, but for use by budget administrators and others viewing budget details. Card number is NOT displayed