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Accounting Operations

We strive to consistently meet the demands of our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it is:

Accounts Payable - where the check actually is in the mail on time.

  • verifying an invoice for payment,
  • approving a Non-PO Invoice,
  • providing special handling on a check, or
  • issuing a stop payment

Central Accounts Receivable - keeping your payments in check.

  • verifying payments received match invoices
  • reconciling Travel Advances
  • reconciling Petty Cash Advances
  • maintaining business partner profile information

Accounting Operations delivers the service. We look forward to being of assistance to you.


Important news, announcements, events, and other information intended for the Penn State community is listed in the table below with links to that information.

Date To Subject
5/25/2021 Department Heads, Campus Directors of Business Services, and Financial Officers SIMBA Year-End Closing Schedule
The Year-End Closing Process is a set of timely activities that are necessary to close out the fiscal year. Year-End Closing activities begin in May and will be completed July. Use the table of information below to plan now for specific cutoff dates. Meeting the deadlines noted in each section is crucial.
Please download and use the Year-End Closing Process spreadsheet to complete the year-end closing activities/tasks for your area. Use this spreadsheet as a checklist to plan what you and your team need to do to comply with Year-End Closing activities/tasks. See the SIMBA website for complete details.
12/14/2020 Dept Heads, Campus Dirs of Bus Svcs, FOs END OF CALENDAR YEAR 2020 TRANSACTIONS
The final SIMBA check run for 2020 will be Tuesday, December 22nd at 3:00 p.m. with those checks being sent out to Vendors on December 23rd. To be included in this check run, all documents must be through the final review and approval process by the 3:00 p.m. cutoff. There will be NO additional check run until January 4, 2021.
The final wire (11:00 a.m. cutoff) and ACH (3:00 p.m. cutoff) runs in SIMBA will be done on Wednesday, December 23rd with those payment files going out that day/evening. To be included in either of these runs, all documents must be through the final review and approval process by the above-mentioned cutoff times. There will be NO additional ACH or wire run until January 4, 2021.
Questions about End of Calendar Year 2020 transactions can be directed to your Business Area Financial Officer or Accounting Operations.

Contacts by Question

Questions about... Dept. Contact
Accounting Operations computer support AO Jackie
Accounting problems / questions AC Jackie
Accounts Payable inquiries AP/Files Jackie
Approval of Non-PO Invoices AO Andi/Mariko/Rachael
Bookkeeping problems, questions, posting errors AO Jackie
Check Inquiries AO Jackie/Natasha
Direct Deposit questions AC Jackie
Diskritter quarterly payments AO Jackie
Escheat AO Jackie
Foreign Payee payment questions AO Natasha
IRS Form 1099 processing AO Emma
Local Services Tax (LST) refunds (formerly EMST) AO Jacquie
Optical Imaging inquires AP/Files Andi
Prepare AP checks for mailing AP/Files Andi
Quarterly unemployment compensation reporting to Commonwealth of PA AP/Files Jackie
Special check handling AP/Files Andi
Special mail and UPS requests AP/Files Andi
Stop payment -- accounts payable & payroll checks AO Jackie/Natasha
Tax exemption certification AO Mariko
Taxpayer identification number & certification
AO Mariko
TDA & retirement payments AO Jackie
Unclaimed property inquires AO Jackie
Wage garnishments & Domestic Relations AO Jacquie
Wage tax collector file maintenance AO Jacquie
Wire Transfer requests AC Natasha
Form 1099 AO Emma


Accounting Operations Organization Chart (PDF)

Accounting Director and Staff

Name  Email Phone
Michi Miller [email protected] (814) 865-1459
Jacquelyn Daulby [email protected] (814) 865-7680
Emma Jiang [email protected] (814) 865-0183
Natasha Stover [email protected] (814) 865-0148

Accounting Operations

Name Email Phone
Jackie Wesley, Manager [email protected] (814) 863-3882
Mariko Marshall [email protected] (814) 865-1455
Vacant   (814) 865-7160
Rachael Raybuck [email protected] (814) 863-6114

Accounts Payable / Files

Name Email Phone
Andreina (Andi) Caris [email protected] (814) 865-4421
Vacant   (814) 865-4421

Accounts Receivable

Name Email Phone
Kelly Heaps [email protected] (814) 867-4431
Rachael Raybuck [email protected] (814) 863 6114