Diversity & Inclusion Team

Mission Statement & Vision

The Office of Finance Diversity & Inclusion Team (OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team) is dedicated to enhancing the climate for racial, ethnic, and international diversity in the Office of Finance organization.  The team is comprised of multicultural representatives from all Office of Finance units. The team provides a forum for these multicultural employees to gather and share experiences in enhancing the welcoming environment within the Office of Finance. The team promotes initiatives that emphasize the merits of inclusiveness in all Office of Finance units while cultivating an appreciation and respect for a multicultural and diverse workplace.  The OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team encourages all Office of Finance employees to embrace our differences and provide a supportive work environment.  The team also promotes global awareness and a welcoming environment in the State College and surrounding communities.  The team meets quarterly with the Associate Vice President for Finance

OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team Committees

The OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team has established three committees to further the mission, vision, and impact of the team. Members of the Office of Finance Diversity & Inclusion Team will select at least one committee in which to serve. The committees will meet on a monthly basis to identify opportunities in diversity and inclusion, improvements, and to develop recommendations for initiatives and programs that further the mission of the OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team within the scope of the charge of each committee. Each of the committees will select a Committee chair that will that will serve for one year and report the activities of the committee during the quarterly meeting with the Associate Vice President for Finance and the full OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team.

Recruitment and Retention Committee

The Recruitment and Retention Committee will be responsible for identifying opportunities to collaborate with Human Resources on recruitment of diverse staff, onboarding programming, and recommending retention initiatives of diverse OoF staff. The committee will also develop recommendations on developing welcoming strategies to the community for new diverse staff in the Office of Finance.  

Diversity and Education Training Committee

The Diversity and Education Training Committee will be responsible for researching diversity and inclusion trainings and initiatives for participation by all OoF staff, preparing recommendations and arranging logistics for trainings. The committee will submit training recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Finance and to the full OoF Diversity & Inclusion Team for approval. The Committee will coordinate at least two diversity and inclusion trainings in a calendar year: one in the fall and one in the spring. However, if the committee identifies additional trainings and education, such opportunities shall be presented to the Associate Vice President for Finance and the full team for approval. Part of the activities of this committee also include organizing speaker series, community service, and sponsoring events with other University units to promote multicultural diversity.

Calendar of Events & Communication/Newsletter Committee

The Calendar of Events & Communication/Newsletter Committee will be responsible for gathering information about multicultural events occurring at Penn State and the surrounding communities that promote multicultural and diversity awareness as well as participation/immersion in different cultures for distribution to Office of Finance staff. The committee will collaborate with all OoF units to identify relevant events and information.