Awards & Recognition

To ensure dedicated employees who excel, are awarded and recognized for their accomplishments, the following is a list of awards and recognition programs that have been established University wide, within Finance & Business and the Office of Finance.

Office of Finance

Charles R. Chambers AwardA gift of $300 is given to one exempt and one non-exempt employee who have exhibited a conscientious and dedicated attitude toward his or her professional responsibilities above that normally expected or required. Annual nominations are collected early in the year.

Note: Present recipient(s) of Chambers Award could be nominated by committee for one of the F&Bs QSQP Awards.

Past Recipients:

2021: Edward Barone, Sandra Gonzalez del Pilar
2020: Kevin Mahood
2019: Val Klinger, Esther Cali
2018: Deborah Meder, Diane Keshvari
2017: Donna Jones
2016: Jan Grasser, Chris Sorensen
2015: Sandy Dreibelbis, Kelley King
2014: Richel Perretti, Julie Dillion
2013: Cathy Helsel, Katrina Walker
2012: Janice Pearce, Diana Cramer
2011: Cristene Boob, Shirley Bair
2010: Tina Barr, Kevin Peterson
2009: Jackie Babcock, Kathy McWilliams
2008: Donna Neideigh, Lorna Maloy
2006: Bonnie Burris
2001: Frank Vongehr
1998: Erma Bubb
1997: Janice Barnoff
1996: Clifton Sando, Ralph Hosterman
1995: Martha Bowman
1994: Thomas Corman
1993: Susan Werner
1992: Jon Nirnberger
1991: Patricia Krauss, Robin Miller
1990: William Miller
1989: Patricia Auker
1987: Mary Zeek
1986: Frederick Saylor
1985: Edward Rusbarsky
1984: Stephen Curley
1983: Fred Hopkins
1982: Roseann Sieminski
1981: Donald Tressler
1980: M. David Holderman

Finance & Business 

Years of Service to Penn State Award – Employees reaching years of service in 5-yr increments receive token of recognition and framed certificate. Your HR Office will provide managers a list of eligible employees for the current calendar year and will notify eligible employees.


Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards – Annual nominations are submitted to Penn State Office of Human Resources, no later than mid-December through mid-January.

  • The Barash Award for Human Services Award
  • The McKay Donkin Award
  • The Award for Administrative Excellence
  • The Staff Excellence Award
  • The Staff Support Award
  • The Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award

25-Year Service Award – This award is given throughout the year. Your Human Resources Office will coordinate with each recipient of their recognition choice and will provide managers a list of eligible employees when appropriate.

Please refer to policy for eligibility. If there is a break in service, prior time is counted toward the 25-year service award.