Strategic Framework


The Office of Finance is a service organization within Finance and Business (F&B) that supports Penn State students, faculty, staff and the public.  We are responsible for providing quality financial, accounting and information services that foster a culture of responsible stewardship and sound fiscal management of University resources.


Our vision is to recruit, develop and retain a diverse and effective team of people who will provide exceptional service and support to Penn State’s teaching, research, and public service missions. Through improved career development pathing, continued focus of efforts in diversity and inclusion, and adoption of emerging enterprise level tools, we will enhance the quality of service provided to the university and capitalize on the improved data available to facilitate informed decision-making regarding institutional resources in order to sustain the University’s financial strength for the benefit of current and future generations.


We share the stated organizational values of Finance & Business:

Accountability - We are committed to our work and to serving our customers. We take pride in our successes and are responsible for our shortcomings. Accountability drives our commitment to quality improvement within each unit of the Office of Finance and it means willingly and confidently accepting tasks to enhance customer service and fiduciary oversight.

Customer Service - We are effective in combining communication, creativity and hard work to exceed customer expectations. The Office of Finance is dedicated to looking for ways to improve customer service.

Excellence - We strive to perform at a consistently high level by providing outstanding, innovative, quality services that demonstrate commitment to the long-term viability of Penn State.

Integrity/Ethics - We strive to create a professional work environment that emphasizes personal integrity, responsibility and accountability. Integrity and ethics are at the heart of what we do. This environment includes honest and forthright communications with our stakeholders which establishes the credibility of all units in the Office of Finance.

Respect - We honor the diverse experiences and knowledge that every person brings to the workplace. Respect is deserved, not earned, and is at the core of how we deal with each other and those with whom we interact.

Student Centeredness - We keep student perspectives, opinions, needs, interests and safety at the center of every decision we make as an organization. We strive to help Penn State achieve student centeredness in every facet of its operation.

Teamwork - We recognize that our success is inevitably tied to others, and that our performance as a team will define us. We look to successfully partner throughout F&B and across the entire University to provide the highest quality service through efficient, seamless customer-oriented processes.