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Research Accounting

The Research Accounting Office at The Pennsylvania State University strives to serve the needs of both the research departments and the sponsoring agencies. Our primary role is to invoice sponsored projects in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner. Please feel free to contact us if there is some way we can assist you!!


Various resources are listed on this page for your information and convenience.

PSU Post-award Website

Post-award resources

Research Accounting Staff

The Research Accounting organizational chart (pdf).

The abbreviations in the "Area" column below are defined as:

G=Governmental, I=Industrial, S=Administrative Support

The table below lists staff members, their title, area of expertise, and email address.
Name Title Area Email
Matt Beissel Director All [email protected]
Kelsey Bennett Assistant Manager G [email protected]
Crystal Kachik Assistant Manager I [email protected]
Christine Blatt Accountant G [email protected]
Stephanie Emigh Accountant I [email protected]
Chrissy Hooder Accountant I [email protected]
Danielle Jones Accountant I [email protected]
Sara Kelley Accountant I [email protected]
Heather Lutz Accountant I [email protected]
Fonda Nevel Accountant G [email protected]
Lori Peachey Accountant I [email protected]
Mike Rohrbeck Accountant G [email protected]
Valerie Snyder Accountant G [email protected]
Kasey Staronka Accountant G [email protected]
Chelsi Tedeschi Accounting Supervisor I [email protected]
Andria Wasson Accountant G [email protected]
Thomas Witmer Accounting Assistant G [email protected]
Laura Young Accounting Supervisor G [email protected]
Vacant Accountant G  
Vacant Accountant I  

Area of Responsibility

Below is a listing of the accounting staff and their current area of responsibility. If you do not see the agency/sponsor you are looking for, please contact the appropriate supervisor for assistance.


Kelsey Bennett, Assistant Manager, GOV1, ID# 00036878
[email protected],

  • NIH/PHS – billing & reporting, Letter of Credit/Electronic Drawdowns
  • EDA

Laura Young, Accountant 4, ID# 01140585

[email protected]

  • NSF: National Science Foundation
  • TSF: Tobacco Settlement Funds

Valerie Snyder, Accountant 3, GOV3, ID# 00036870

[email protected]

  • DOE
  • DOS
  • FAA
  • NASA
  • OE
  • USDC
  • USDT

Mike Rohrbeck, Accountant 3, GOV2, ID# 00036868
[email protected]

  • Navy Contracts
  • BFTC- Ben Franklin
  • Ag Appropriations

Christine Blatt, Accountant 2, GOV4, ID# 01023611
[email protected]

  • AF: Air Force
  • AID
  • ARMY
  • CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
  • DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Dept. of Defense
  • EPA - Environmental Protection
  • GSA - General Services
  • IMLS - Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities 
  • NGA - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
  • NSA - National Security Agency 
  • Peace Corps
  • SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission 
  • USDI 
  • USDJ - Dept. of Justice
  • USDL - Dept. of Labor
  • USMC - Marine Corps

Kasey Staronka, Accountant 2, GOV5, ID# 00036816
[email protected]

  • Navy Grants
  • Navy IPA's
  • USDA

Fonda Nevel, Accountant 1, GOV6, ID# 00036812
[email protected]

  • PDE - Education
  • PDH - Health
  • PAHS - Human Services
  • PCCD - Crime & Delinquency
  • PDA - Agriculture
  • PDEP - Environmental Protection
  • PDCNR - Conservation
  • PLCB - Liquor Control Board
  • PDT - Transportation
  • PGC - Game Commission
  • PCRP - Center for Rural PA
  • PFBC - Fish & Boat Commission
  • PWMRB- Wine & Marking Research Board
  • All other misc. Commonwealth agencies


Crystal Kachik, Assistant Manager, IND1, ID# 00036881
[email protected]

  • Industrial: S – T, V

Lori Peachey, Accountant 3, IND2, ID# 00036843

[email protected]

  • Industrial: H- L, N
  • Siemens
  • Space Telescope

Chelsi Tedeshi, Accountant 4, ID# 01142280

[email protected]

  • Industrial: O

Sara Kelley, Accountant 2, IND4, ID# 00036815

[email protected]

  • Industrial: A - F
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Chemical

Chrissy Hooder, Accountant 2, ID# 01056002

[email protected]

  • Industrial: G, M, P, Q, R
  • American Heart

Heather Lutz, Accountant 1, IND3, ID# 00036810

[email protected]

  • Industrial: U, W - Z