Overall Themes

Our overall themes are operational ideals that move us closer to achieving our vision. Change is inevitable and we look to employ these principles in every process, interaction and task as a means of maintaining quality and attaining excellence.

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Actively work to create a positive workplace climate where employees feel comfortable being their true and authentic selves; identify, support, and engage in efforts to help employees foster and sustain a sense of belonging; identify and deconstruct systemic and structural barriers to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within our units; provide and support the development and implementation of effectively meaningful educational and programmatic efforts which focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; identify, assess, implement, and utilize accountability metrics to promote and sustain an inclusive and welcoming culture; actively support efforts to increase recruitment, retention, and the career advancement of staff from historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds; work collaboratively with university partners to advance the university’s inclusion, equity, and diversity imperative.

Transforming the Workforce and Workplace - Develop a workforce that is engaged, resilient, knowledgeable, and flexible to adapt to changing environments. Expand employee skillsets, competencies, opportunities, experiences, and support to provide the ability to excel in their roles and careers in Finance and Business and beyond at the University. Reimagine how employees work (considerations of remote working and other flexible arrangements) to better attract and retain a first-class workforce and provide for enhanced business continuity. Promote “change readiness” as a critical workforce competency.

Improving Resiliency Capability within the Office of Finance Organization - The ability of the Office of Finance to anticipate, prepare, respond, and adapt to the changing physical, economic, and social environments and disruptions in Higher Education focusing on the long-term view to endure, innovate, and thrive.

Enhancing Organizational Excellence - Develop within F&B consistent operational practices, principles, processes, and measures to be effective and efficient stewards of the University’s physical, financial, human, and environmental resources while providing excellent quality and service. Leverage the use of data analytics and data-driven decision making (KPI’s) to measure progress and align services that are customer-centric.