Goal 4

Ensure the Penn State Enterprise Applications are understood, working effectively and utilizing best practices. Leverage and enhance existing enterprise systems within the university such as SIMBA, Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools and other services and platforms to facilitate data informed management decision making.

Supporting Objectives

· Provide a forum of communication between the Office of Finance and SIMBA to evaluate the application user acceptance & experience.

· Evaluate and recommend potential future enhancements to the SIMBA application and supporting reporting tool set.

· Maintain awareness and involvement in development of overarching data management tools across the multiple PSU Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms; with the intention of creating cross functional reporting capabilities and customized reporting options.

· Develop a community of practice for users to connect and discuss best business practices focused on internal customers.

· Increase understanding of data structures and definitions in order to better leverage reporting capabilities for improved depth and quality of decision-making resources.

· Support the development of documentation and data definition libraries to ensure data elements are well understood.